Team Members

Team Members June 23, 2012

LOTHAR PAULY, Managing Partner-Europe

Lothar Pauly is a Managing Partner-Europe at Mobility Ventures based in Munich, Germany and responsible for overseeing all aspects of emerging technology company investments in Europe.  Lothar brings more than 25 years of senior executive international experience in the wireless telecommunications sector. He possesses an extensive background in telecom finance, mobile networks and consultancy, having […]

Team Members April 23, 2012

SHOA-KAI LIU, Venture Partner

Shoa-Kai Liu serves as a Venture Partner at Mobility Ventures who has over 25 years of diverse technical management and entrepreneurial experience in telecommunication networks and services, data and optical networking, and semiconductors. Shoa-Kai also has several years experience as a venture capitalist serving as Investment Board Advisor at Genesis Campus Funds since 2001 and […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

JUNLI WU, Director – Administration & Operations

Junli Wu serves as the Director of Administration & Operations at Mobility Ventures who has over 12 years of venture capital experience managing accounting, legal, investment, and operations processes.  Junli was previously with Genesis Campus Funds since its inception and she also has broad experiences working with multiple start-up companies in establishing their operations, and was instrumental […]

Team Members April 8, 2012


David Sym-Smith is a Partner at Mobility Ventures with more than 20 years wireless industry experience building multimillion dollar operations from scratch along with profitable exits.   David has served as senior executive of global corporations as well as a several startups. He has a proven record of success in launching new markets, starting new business groups, […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

SCOTT BENNETT, Venture Partner

  Scott Bennett is a pioneer of digital media who is a former award winning journalist, senior communications, marketing consultant and entrepreneur. As Editor of Texas Business magazine and later as a globally syndicated business and political columnist for the Dallas Morning News Scott travelled the world interviewing government leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

EDWARD J. FERNANDEZ, Venture Partner – Latin America

Edward Fernandez is a Venture Partner focused on Latin America at Mobility Ventures who is a 20+ year wireless industry executive with solid corporate, operational experiences and strong entrepreneurial instincts in building a global wireless leader.  He has several years experience working as a venture partner and senior advisor with Genesis Campus Funds on converged […]

Team Members April 8, 2012


Arlan Harris is a Partner at Mobility Ventures who is a veteran in the high-tech industry with more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur building industry dominate companies and venture capital experience with Austin Ventures, Genesis Campus Funds and LifeGate Ventures. Arlan most recently was the Sr. Vice President and […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

MICHAEL J. BUCKLAND, Partner Emeritus

Michael J. Buckland is a Partner Emeritus at Mobility Ventures who is a seasoned entrepreneur, wireless pioneer and venture capitalist with over 35 years experience, specifically in start-up wireless communications businesses, retail and service operations, building revenues and establishing sales and profitability. With his first hand knowledge of being a successful entrepreneur raising capital, and highly […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

MARK FRUEHAN, Venture Partner

Mark Fruehan is a Venture Partner at Mobility Ventures with over 25 years of wireless telecommunications and Internet business experience.  Mark has a proven record of accomplishment in driving innovation, integrating newly acquired assets and quickly mobilizing forces such as business development and sales to move into new markets, channels and launch of new product […]

Team Members April 8, 2012

WU-FU CHEN, Partner Emeritus

Wu-Fu Chen is a renowned serial entrepreneur and top ranked venture capital investor. He is a Founding Partner of Genesis Campus, Acorn Campus (Cupertino, CA and Shanghai, China) and Dragon Investment Co. and IdSoft Capital (Taipei, Taiwan). Wu-Fu Chen has also founded more than a dozen high-tech companies that range from optical switching to high-end ATM […]