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News in 2011 October 12, 2011

Roman Kikta to Speak at i7 Summit

“Roman Kikta to Speak at i7 Summit: A Global Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society – Oct. 12-14, 2011 Chantilly, France” Source of the article:

News in 2011 October 5, 2011

The Smartphone Age: Smartphone Shipments Exceed PCs

2010 marked the milestone of the start of a new computing and communications era. For the first time in the US, smartphone shipments exceeded the traditional computer segments (desktops, notebooks and netbooks).  In 2011, the smartphone segment, along with connected devices will not only exceeded the computer segment in unit shipment but more importantly, in […]

News in 2011 October 5, 2011

Apple, Android & Social Media Redefining Wireless Communications

Apple, Android and social media platforms are serving to raise the bar for how wireless users connect and communicate.  Today’s wireless users are redefining usage habits and interactivity in ways unseen since the first cellular networks were launched in 1983.  With the continuing popularity of smartphones (over 295 million sold in 2010), driven by iPhone […]