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News in 2014 May 29, 2014

New York Times: “Mapping Our Interiors”

New York Times – May 18, 2014:  Sure, that’s your office cubicle. Your corner store. Maybe even the layout of your furniture in your living room. But that doesn’t mean that soon we won’t all be peering at it, too.  That is because two trends, location technology and crowdsourcing, may soon converge. If they do, […]

News in 2014 May 2, 2014

Roman Kikta to Speak at the Houston Investor Roundtable on June 5th 2014

Roman Kikta is scheduled to speak at the FundingPost’s Houston Investor Roundtable on June 5th 2014 Held at the Woodlands Chamber.  FundingPost has hosted 260+ sold-out venture events in 23 cities over the past 13 years. At the Houston Roundtable, Roman Kikta will be discussing the state of venture capital, things that are most important to […]