Videos January 30, 2012

Jane C. Linder with Scott Bennett

Janet C. Linder discusses her book “Spiral Up” on how to deal with today’s challenging management issues. Linder examined 46 “wildly successful initiatives” from both public and private sector case studies and examines them with great detail and insight (including product and service innovations, entrepreneurial start-ups, and corporate transformations) and conducted more than 145 interviews. However […]


Videos January 30, 2012

Martin Cooper with Roman Kikta

Martin (“Marty”) Cooper, the “Father of the Cellphone” talks about how the communicator on StarTrek inspired him to invent the modern day mobile phone and the early days of the wireless industry.  “People want to talk to other people – not a house, or an office, or a car. Given a choice, people will demand […]


Videos January 30, 2012

Charles Handy with Scott Bennett

A Conversation With Charles Handy, One of the World’s Most Influential Living Management Thinkers. Charles Handy has been rated among the Thinkers 50, a private list of the most influential living management thinkers. In 2001 he was second on this list, behind Peter Drucker, and in 2005 he was tenth. When the Harvard Business Review […]


Videos January 30, 2012

Mal Gurian with Roman Kikta

A Conversation with Mal Gurian on the 25th The Anniversary of the Launch of The First Commercial Cellular The U.S. Mal Gurian is a pioneer of the wireless industry, who launched OKI Telecom in the U.S., serving as President & CEO of OKI Telecom’s Cellular Telephone Division, the world’s first manufacturer of a cellular telephone.  Mal […]