U.S. Department Of Transportation And QSSI Selects InnerWireless To Improve Communication In New DOT Headquarters

U.S. Department Of Transportation And QSSI Selects InnerWireless To Improve Communication In New DOT Headquarters

Installing the InnerWireless system will enhance the department’s daily operations with uninterrupted wireless connectivity

InnerWireless, Inc. the leading provider of in-building wireless solutions, today announced that it will deploy its Wireless Utility into the U.S. Department of Transportation’s new headquarters to enable the use of multiple wireless devices and applications such as cellular phones, two-way radios and WLAN on one infrastructure for seamless wireless communication. The new consolidated headquarters will bring together 5,600 department employees.

Construction materials often block and degrade the radio frequency (RF) signals used by wireless devices, hindering day-to-day communication because Blackberry([R]) devices, cellular phones and other wireless equipment won’t work without available signals. The department awarded prime contractor, QSSI, a contract to implement a wireless communications network to resolve these issues. QSSI, an 8(a), CMMI([R]) SE/SW Maturity Level 2 IT solutions provider that services the government and commercial markets, specializes in developing and implementing enterprise software solutions, critical IT infrastructure and support services. QSSI searched for a partner that could provide the best solution and found that InnerWireless could deliver a system that goes above and beyond basic standards in wireless technology with its ability to support a full range of wireless applications on one broadband infrastructure.

“InnerWireless is pleased that the Wireless Utility will provide the solution the department needs to support the deployment of multiple wireless communication devices,” said Ed Cantwell, president and CEO of InnerWireless. “Because the Wireless Utility is a comprehensive and scalable system, InnerWireless can meet the immediate wireless needs of the department, as well as future needs, so that communications continuously improve and workflow is constantly enhanced. InnerWireless is thrilled to be an integral part of the communications expansion of such a prominent government organization.”

The Department of Transportation combines several government entities including the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration among others, and keeping these separate organizations connected under the department’s unified management would be difficult without a dedicated wireless infrastructure. The Wireless Utility eliminates this issue because it guarantees wireless coverage for cellular phones, government-issued Blackberry([R]) devices, WLAN and security personnel which allow the different divisions of the department to be seamlessly linked.

InnerWireless is used in buildings that house Fortune 500 companies and leading U.S. federal government agencies, including the 2.8 million-square-foot Time Warner Center in Manhattan and the National Institutes of Health.

About InnerWireless

InnerWireless([R]) deploys its unified broadband wireless distribution platform in large commercial, healthcare and government buildings to support a full range of wireless services and applications. InnerWireless, which guarantees wireless coverage inside buildings ranging in size up to 10 million square feet, is properly engineered to accommodate wireless systems essential for interpersonal communications (including PCS/cellular, messaging/personal data, enterprise voice, and paging); clinical operations (including wireless infusion therapy/medical administration, enterprise/clinical data, portable patient monitoring, and people and asset tracking); and building operations (including building automation, security and first-responder communications, and push-to-talk radios).