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News in 2013 April 4, 2013

Mobile Phone Turns 40

On April 3rd, 1973, the most important phone call in technology history was made.  Using a prototype Motorola DynaTac, inventor Martin Cooper made the first call on a mobile phone. Forty years later, it’s considered a brick compared with the diminutive devices we carry around.  The historic call took place in New York City. Cooper’s  […]

News in 2012 June 4, 2012

Martin Cooper, The Father of Cellphone Urges For Tech Solutions For Spectrum Efficiencies

Martin Cooper, the former vice president of Motorola who helped create the first working cellphone, has been saying for some time that technology is the solution to dealing with the ever-rising demand for wireless data capacity. Now a presidential advisory committee agrees with him, urging President Obama to adopt technologies that would use radio spectrum […]