InnerWireless Launches PanGo Platform Version 4.8

InnerWireless Launches PanGo Platform Version 4.8

InnerWireless, Inc., the premier provider of converged wireless solutions, today launched its newly enhanced Unified Location Management Platform, PanGo Platform Version 4.8, with live demonstrations at booth # 6473 throughout the 2008 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition, Feb. 24-28.

“The latest version of our location and sensory state data platform creates even more value for healthcare providers by delivering location data and other sensory information to a variety of devices including wireless VoIP phones and HIS systems,” said Richard Barnwell, chief technology officer, Location, at InnerWireless. “Customers told us they wanted to access location and sensory data without going to a computer, so InnerWireless focused on a solution that would deliver data to the devices such as wireless VoIP phones that keep clinicians mobile yet connected to the data they need. PanGo Platform Version 4.8 supports the InnerWireless mission of delivering everything, everywhere, everytime access to life- and mission-critical data and communications.”

Significant new features delivered by PanGo Platform 4.8 include :

  • Integration with emerging HL7 RTLS messaging standards, which permits tracking of patients, caregivers and medical devices in HIS and other HL7-compliant healthcare systems;
  • Integration with Web-based map and earth browser applications, which in conjunction with its geodetic coordinate system, enables seamless tracking from the outdoors to the indoors;
  • Integration with asset management solutions;
  • The ability to activate and manipulate networked devices including switches, stack lights, cameras and power sources when triggered by location- or status-based rules;
  • The ability to leverage sensory data so that events like tag button press, tag detachment from its asset, motion sensing and temperature monitoring can be visualized, reported on and incorporated into business rules, which in turn trigger appropriate notifications and alerts;
  • Context-sensitive, location-enabled application available on the Cisco 7900 series IP phones, wired and wireless. This phone-based application finds nearby assets and people.


InnerWireless in booth # 6473 at the 2008 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition

Visit InnerWireless at booth # 6473 to learn more about the partners and experience the Converged Wireless Hospital in action. Also, InnerWireless customer Dave Duncan, corporate vice president of UMass Memorial HealthAlliance Hospital , will present at the Managing the Business of Healthcare Pavilion Theater at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 25.