InnerWireless Enables 4G with New Fiber-based DAS

InnerWireless Enables 4G with New Fiber-based DAS

Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise purpose built to deliver high bandwidth,
high availability wireless

Feb. 15, 2011 (Business Wire) — InnerWireless®, Inc. today launched its fiber-based broadband Distributed Antenna System (DAS) called Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise™, providing enterprise customers with unparalleled flexibility in delivering key wireless services in their facility, from multi-provider 3G and 4G LTE to fire/life/safety and 802.11n Wi-Fi. More than just infrastructure, InnerWireless’ new offering also includes professional services designed to help every enterprise customer maintain high availability for their wireless voice and data communication needs.

Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise incorporates CommScope’s Andrew Solutions’ ION™-B radio-over-fiber components with the InnerWireless broadband DAS. For Wireless Service Providers (WSP), the new solution introduces the flexibility to align DAS coverage areas with WSP base-station sectors; provides direct support for MIMO implementations; and provides end-to-end system monitoring.

“Fueled by the explosive growth of smartphones, wireless data and voice communications will quickly and profoundly impact every enterprise, especially complex environments such as hospitals where reliable wireless coverage, everywhere, is required by clinicians using wireless devices from iPhones to iPads,” said InnerWireless Vice President of Marketing Gary Close. “InnerWireless is putting the power of choice in the business owner’s hands so that they can decide how to use 4G LTE, 802.11n, and other wireless services to meet their business objectives. Whether it’s delivering wide-area services only or adding WLAN services such as Wi-Fi, Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise is a strategic move for virtually any enterprise.”

Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise delivers mission-critical wireless performance by focusing on four key areas:

  • Broadband – supporting wireless frequencies from 450 MHz to 5 GHz means that Horizon4G Wireless Enterprise can be engineered to deliver key wireless services, including specialty wireless services such as medical telemetry (WMTS) used to monitor ambulatory patients inside healthcare facilities.
  • Point-of-use Coverage – Horizon4G can be engineered to deliver wireless services everywhere in the facility, not just in traditional hallway and office settings, but also in hard-to-cover areas such as the patient bedside, below ground floors, stairwells and elevators – everywhere smartphones are used.
  • Engineered Capacity – as the iPad®, tablet PCs, smartphones and other wireless devices become pervasive across all enterprises, wireless capacity management becomes a cornerstone capability of any enterprise wireless strategy.