At Auction Announces Release of its Private Label Auction Solution

At Auction Announces Release of its Private Label Auction Solution

Online retailers and online shopping destination sites now have access to a no cost branded and fully managed auction revenue solution.

At Auction, a total solutions provider of B2C Internet auction managed services and technology, today announced the release of its Private Label Auction Program. The program provides online partner sites with a strong new incremental revenue stream, means to attract new customers, and a driver of customer loyalty with heavy repeat visitors through a no cost fully managed turnkey private labeled auction solution.

“We are very excited to roll out our Private Label Auction Revenue program to retailers and other online shopping destination sites,” said John House, President and CEO of At Auction. “We have had several clients up and running on this program now and the sales, conversion and customer metrics are all very strong.”

The Private Label Auction Revenue Program enables online marketers the ability to quickly add a robust consumer auction marketplace with their branding to their site or subset of their site at no cost. At Auction builds, manages, supplies and fulfills inventory for the private label auction site at no cost. In addition to receiving a revenue share on all merchandise sales, the online host sites gain a powerful tool for new customer acquisition and a strong driver of repeat customer traffic, which can help further monetize their core business offering.

“In addition to the incremental revenue streams, our current client sites have been very impressed with the business dynamics their private label sites have generated,” said House. “We have seen 40% new customers and strong repeat rates with customers averaging 2.2 visits per week.”

The private label auction sites provide consumers with great deals and winning experiences through $1 start bids, no reserves auctions on watches, jewelry, collectibles, sports memorabilia, housewares, electronics, sporting goods and more.

About At Auction
At Auction provides a turnkey auction e-commerce software solution as well as a full suite of auction-managed services, which enable e-commerce sites or other electronic destinations, the ability to enhance revenues through B2C online auctions. Through their owned and operated, and partner auction sites, At Auction provides consumers great deals and a winning experience with $1 start bid, no reserve auctions. Our Auction solution provides host sites with a strong new incremental revenue stream, effective means to attract new customers, and a powerful driver of customer loyalty.

At Auction currently serves numerous leading online auction marketplaces including uBid, PropertyRoom, ShopNBC, and AAFES. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX. For more information, please visit the company’s website at