Alereon Powers New Toshiba Worldwide Wireless USB Solutions for Home and Office

Alereon Powers New Toshiba Worldwide Wireless USB Solutions for Home and Office

AUSTIN, Texas – October 22, 2008 – Alereon, Inc., the Certified Wireless USB technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia solutions, today announced Toshiba’s new Wireless USB dynadock™ is powered by Alereon’s AL5000 Worldwide Wireless USB Chipset. The new Toshiba solution is the world’s highest performance and the only full featured docking station to meet the needs of the office environment. In addition, when used in conjunction with a Toshiba PCIe ExpressCard or WUSB adapter the dynadock™ is the only solution available worldwide that can operate in WiMedia band groups one, three, and six meeting regulatory requirements across the globe via simple software configuration. The product will be demonstrated at the WiMedia Open House in Seoul Korea at the JW Marriott on Wednesday, October 22 by Alereon. For more information on the Open House see

“The Toshiba wireless dynadock™ is a real breakthrough in wireless USB products,” said Eric Broockman, CEO of Alereon. “With features and performance that no other product on the market can match, the dynadock™ brings the best of Alereon’s technology together with one of the world’s top computer and peripheral manufacturers and delivers a breakthrough product that customers can really use”.

dynadock™ is a universal wireless docking station with video output to easily connect to all of your workspace peripherals, including an external monitor. The docking station includes not only multiple USB connections, but unlike other wireless docking solutions, the dynadock™ adds support for Ethernet, and is the first solution to support full bi-directional isochronous data transfers to serve the needs of audio and video applications such as USB speakers web cams and video cameras.As with all Wireless USB solutions connectivity is simple, the user just enters the range of the dock to connect, and leaves the range to disconnect.If the user chooses not to use the wireless capabilities, unlike other solutions the dynadock™ allows a wired USB connection to be used instead of a wireless one.

“We strive to provide our consumers high-quality solutions that provide industry leading features and performance,” said Hitoshi Tokuda, General Manager of World-Wide Marketing PC Options for Toshiba PC, “Alereon is one of the industry leaders in providing high throughput, innovative features and functions, such as support for audio and video devices, and is compatible with the worldwide regulatory environment..”

Alereon’s differentiation, the AL5000 Chipset family transmits and receives WiMedia band groups one through six, which span frequencies of 3.1 to 10.6 GHz respectively. Unlike competitive bandgroup one or bandgroup three solutions, which may offer as little as a single channel in non-US applications, Alereon provides consumers in Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and New Zealand with as many as 19 additional channels. Manufacturers standardizing on Alereon solutions can produce a single product or SKU that can be designed and sold worldwide with a simple software modification to meet local regulatory requirements.